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After his 2015 debut with “In the moment”, focusing on improvisation as a musical genre but mostly as a practical and ethical device for artistic personality, director Luís Fernandes is back with this new “Na corda bamba”, a documentary which extends itself to the diverse musical experimentation processes in contemporary Portugal and to the visionaries who, across the country, help redefine our meaning of music and Sound through and incessant pursuit of the new, the unpredictable and the unimaginable.

Featuring footage from several OUT.RA-programmed concerts as well as from many of the associations and like-minded venues in the country, “Na corda bamba” is also an homage to the miracle of sound and the incessant efforts of the Portuguese artistic community. It is an honor for us to sponsor this movie’s world premiere.

By: Luís Fernandes
2022 | Portugal | 85'
Language: portuguese | without subtitles
[world premiere
featuring the director]


Local: Cinemas Castello Lopes Fórum Barreiro
Time: 21:30
Price: 2,5€

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