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Adam Bartlett started the Gilead Media Record Label in 2005. His first releases were small runs of LPs and CDs, that he did for his own band and his friends’ bands, but fast forward to the present, he now runs a celebrated underground label that is renowned internationally for putting out black metal, doom, and noise rock releases of well-known bands. He and his business partner, Dave Adelson, from the record label, 20 Buck Spin, put on Migration Fest every two years where heavy music fans from around the world come together to perform, hang out, and create strong personal bonds.

Through live performances, interviews, and behind the scenes hangouts, we meet the artists behind the music, learn how they write and perform music as a means to cope with issues such as sexual abuse, depression, childhood indoctrination of Christianity, and grief from loss of loved ones. A Wandering Path, features appearances from members of Panopticon, Couch Slut, A Scanner Darkly, Thou, Emma Ruth Rundle, Krallice, Inter Arma, Neurosis, Enslaved, Leech, Blood Incantation, Fell Voices, Mutilation Rites, Wiegedood and Pyrolatrous.

By: Michael Dimmitt
2022 | USA | 105’
Language: English
English subtitles


Local: Cineclube do Barreiro
Time: 17:30
Price: 2,5€

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