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Inês Oliveira’s most recent documentary is a deep dive into the life of Carlos “Zíngaro”, a multifaceted and uncompromising artist who has dedicated himself, since his youth, to experimentation and to “fallible aesthetics” - in his own definition - becoming, in the process, a pioneer of improvised music in Portugal. The artist is filmed “in action”, in an abstract space and a suspended time; in between performances we gain unfiltered access to the labyrinths of his memories. 

“A Escuta” is also a craft master’s handover, and is born from the director’s desire to dive into the nuances of an artist who distinguishes himself for his love of experimentation and vertigo, and who always lived his life with a minimum of concessions and a permanent commitment to the “truth of the moment”.

by: Inês Oliveira
2022 | Portugal | 52’
language: Portuguese
subtitles in English
[in the presence of the director]


Place: Cineclube do Barreiro
Time: 16:00
Price: 3€

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